Country Road Strawberries 


The small town of Pinnacle, NC isn't as well known as other major cities in the state, but being located there means it's an equal distance from both Winston-Salem and Mount Airy.  For those customers who aren't able to get out and about we do some deliveries to those locations at other large businesses.  


CRS, Country Road Strawberries, is different from most strawberry farms in that we choose to replace our plants at the end of each growing season.  We get our plants in the fall and plant them for the upcoming months.  This ensures the highest quality berry possible. 

Nothing's sweeter than a fresh chandler strawberry from your own neighborhood.  Always picked on the current business day.  

purchase locally

freshness & flavor

Come out and find the finest strawberries you can buy! You'll feel good about being part of something bigger and better.

About the Strawberries

Why did we choose to grow the Chandler variety? 

Chandler strawberries have a higher tolerance for the winter weather than do the strawberries that are grown in warmer climates.  The chandler was first developed for commercial use, but we choose it also for its intense strawberry flavor. 

If you don't the like the white and dry centers found in the strawberries that are purchased in the grocery store, this is the best place to find a big juicy berry. 

U-Pick Patch

We allow our customers to come and spend a day with us by picking their own strawberries if they wish to do so.  Often times families will bring their little ones and spend the afternoon picking berries and stuffing their faces. The occasional taste test is must, but we also ask that our pickers respect the vines by not breaking them or stepping on them as without them there wouldn't be anymore berries.  

Country Road Strawberries is also conveniently located near Pilot Mountain State Park, which gives you the opportunity for an all day adventure. 

Family fun