When the idea for the farm first started there was a desire to create a family oriented atmosphere in which people could come and enjoy some strawberries and the beautiful landscape.  Country Road Strawberries was founded on the southern values so many of us are used to.  Customers are always meant to feel at home while they are at the patch.  

it all starts with a seed

Pricing and Packaging 

Prices will remain at the rate they were last year.  $8 if we pick, $7 if you pick.  

Please note when berries are sold other than at the patch there will be some variability associated with the costs of transportation. 

Our strawberries will still be sold in cardboard flats this upcoming season.  


Country Road Strawberries was founded in 2002 by Kevin Brown.  Brown has been a local farmer in Pinnacle, NC for his entire life.  The operation is run by family and close friends.  

Operating hours 

The operating hours for the 2016 will be the same as they have been.  

Monday-Friday from 7AM to 6PM and Saturday from 7AM until we run out of berries.

On occasion the patch will be open later, or due to availability the patch could be closed earlier.  Please call ahead if you are planning on coming by in the afternoon. 

Country Road Strawberries 


How are the berries looking this year?

Despite the longer than average winter, the strawberries have held up in excellent fashion.  

Are there any pesticides on the plant that I should be concerned about?

Not at all.  Anything that has been sprayed on the berries does not prevent them from consumption that very same day.

Do you deliver?

CRS tries to maintain the best relationship possible with its consumers, that being said we do the best we can to insure as many people that can receive their desired amount of berries.  Once the berries are at their maximum amount of production, we do make several different stops around Winston-Salem and in the Mount Airy, NC area.  Plus a few produce markets outside of state.  With the increasing costs of production and gas prices we are not available to make house deliveries.  

How many acres is the farm?

CRS has grown little by little each year since it's origin back in 2002.  This season we are up to around 9 acres.

Is sanitation a concern?

Because our plants are grown on new plastic every growing season the berries are clean enough to be consumed straight out of the patch.