Country Road Strawberries does sell our berries at other locations off site.  Primarily our berries can be purchased at Clyde Fulk Exxon located at 619 E Main St, Pilot Mountain, NC, 27041.  To check for availability please call, (336)-368-2068.  Selling at Clyde Fulk Exxon works well for both companies because it provides their customers a delicious snack while they are waiting for their car to be serviced.  

Our berries are now being sold every Friday at the  Reynolda Village Farmers Market located at 2201 Reynolda Road, Winston-Salem, NC.  Berries purchased here are sold in two sizes: the standard gallon flat, and a quart.  Prices do vary from those sold at the patch due to transportation costs.


Every Saturday from 9:00-12:00 we sell berries at the Elkin Farmers Market located at 

226 N Bridge Street, Town Hall Parking Lot, Elkin, North Carolina.

Every Tuesday from 9:00-12:00 we sell berries at the Mount Airy Farmers Market located at 

541 West Pine Street, Mount Airy, North Carolina 27030

Delivery Schedule and Locations

We typically deliver to areas within Winston-Salem and Mount Airy, NC.  The dates typically vary within the season, but we are going to try and maintain a routine to maximize our customer satisfaction. 

If you work in a business in either Winston-Salem or Mount Airy and we are not currently delivering to your location, please call the patch to see if we can stop by.

Locations can vary between schools in Surry Co. and schools in Forsyth Co, Medical Park in Winston-Salem, NC, and other respective businesses in Winston-Salem and Mount Airy. 

​Opening date is tentatively scheduled for the week before Mother's Day!  We will for sure be open by Mother's Day, if not before!  

For over 10 years Country Road Strawberries has been delivering a consistent quality strawberry to the surroundingarea.  Each year, we utilize our farming experience to produce a better berry for everyone to enjoy! 

We encourage our patrons to place an order at our patch prior to their arrival, as we do sell out later in the day.  Our berries are picked fresh daily; never do we sell our berries the day after they were picked.

In addition, our berries are replanted every year for maximum quality.  

Come by and see us!  




Country Road Strawberries